Nick’s Picks-US Open’s First Saturday

Serena Williams VS Ekaterina Makarova

Serena is striking the ball and moving like a young teenager. She only knows one way to play- see the ball, run to the ball, hit the ball as hard as I can.

Ekaterina is a tall lefty at 6 feet. Her serve goes out wide but is only 80 miles per hour. She moves well and can hurt you from both  sides.

Nick’s Pick – Serena will win but be careful and do not take her lightly or get a big lead.


Jelena Jankovic VS Agnieszka Radwanska

Jelena is a veteran of many wars including being at the IMG Academy for many years starting when she was 12. She is a super athlete and is very fit. She moves well and hits well from both sides. She is very aggressive backhand down the line. But Jelena changes coaches far too much, she must go out and play the game.

Radwanska plays with pure joy. She is a loud grunter and has excellent movement. She stands well behind the baseline and has a darn good 1 handed backhand. She is not afraid to volley.

Nick’s Pick – Yes, advantage to Radwanska but this a huge opportunity for Jelena to just go out and play.


Jack Sock VS Nicolas Almagro

Nicolas has the best win-loss percentage of anyone on the tour. Why is that? He has one of the best 1 handed backhands on the tour. He has a darn good serve and a big kicker 2nd serve. Watch out for his super backhand down the line. But at times he comes forward and rushes his shots.

Jack is a talented young American that has all the tools to be a top ATP Tour Player. He has a huge big serve, sturdy backhand and a very aggressive Forehand.

Nick’s Pick – This will tryly be a test for Jack. He is playing a very confident veteran who will not be over impressed by a young tot. But this is why this match will be very interesting. I give the match to Almagro but believe me, Jack will go all the way and the USA fans will be seeing a lot of him in the next few years.


Roger Federer VS Fernando Verdasco

Roger is so special that its hard to really give justice in trying to describe his game but the following bullet points may help you when you see his match.

  1. His movement is smooth as silk, he never wears out his sneakers
  2. One of the very best simple stroking forehands in the history of tennis.
  3. His one handed backhand cando just about anything that has to be done
  4. Will not hesitate to come forward
  5. One of the very best intelligent servers of the game

Fernando is 6’2 and a lefty. He is in excellent condition. His trainer is one of the very best ever. My friend and former trainer and mentor of Agassi. He has a darn good serve and likes to hit the ball hard and deep.

Nick’s Pick – Yes, this match goes to Federer but Fernando will play very aggressive and probably do some surprise attacks.


Murray VS Lopez

Murray does just about everything including returning the weapons of Lopez. This match goes to Murray


Nishikori Vs Cilic

Kei is a true shot maker and moves as well as anyone on tour. Cilic has the big serve but Kei’s returns are darn good. This is a very interesting match that Kei will win.


Blake vs Raonic

Can you believe how well that Blake is playing? He must think he is only 21 years old. Raonic will have the serve advantage plus darn good groundies. This will be an interesting match.




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